niServices possesses broad expertise and offers services in the following four areas:

EDC deployment services

niAnalytics™ is highly intuitive and therefore simple to set up and use. Nevertheless, complex studies generally require sophisticated solutions. niServices are readily available to help you evaluate your needs and to provide the necessary support.

Our experienced team can help you customize the system to meet your needs. EDC deployment services are geared towards the optimal customization of niAnalytics™ to support client workflows as well as a specific trial design. This delivers a very fast and high-quality study deployment that enables you to continuously realize the full value of your solution.

Our proven consultative methodology will help you realize efficiency and effectiveness gains throughout the entire clinical trial. Our collaborative project management approach reduces project risk. Our technical services ensure that our solutions fit seamlessly with your existing clinical systems infrastructure.

Training and Support

Training, guidance, mentoring and support enable you to take full ownership of your clinical trial system and process.


We are proud to provide you the curriculum of educational courses and training methods that will help your organization succeed. We offer a wide range of modules to fit your specific needs. This includes role based and function oriented training, as well as a custom curriculum that can be developed and tailored to suit your needs. We offer classroom as well as online training. While the classroom setting encourages collaborative learning and educational flexibility, online training enables remote participation in a highly cost effective manner.


niAnalytics™ is easy to use, intuitive and enables the site teams to resolve the most common issues themselves. However, when this is not feasible, our technical support team is available to resolve any issues. We work very hard to minimize the need for support but recognize that issues arise, therefore guaranteed readily available friendly support is an essential cornerstone of our service.


In addition to the biostatistics modules of niAnalytics™ our biostatistics team offers a wide range of services that allow you to focus on your core competencies while our high-quality services help you maximize the efficiency of your trial.

The following statistical and study biometrics services are among our most popular services:

  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Study randomization list
  • Statistical analysis and reporting (tables and figures)
  • Medical writing of results section in publications and reports

To learn more about how our statistical and study biometrics services can benefit your clinical research, contact us now.

Other clinical trial services

In addition to EDC deployment, training and biostatistical services, we also offer the entire range of clinical trial services in cooperation with our reliable partners.

Upon request we handle your entire clinical trial from the initial planning and design over implementation, administration and analyses to the production of final reports, publication manuscripts and regulatory submission.