Cutting-Edge Patient Data Tracking for Better Outcomes

Running a clinical trial and monitoring its progression relies on accurate patient records. Patient recruitment alone can make up to 30% of the clinical timeline and patient follow-ups extend trial phases for years. We at niAnalytics facilitate this process with automation and real-time proficiency on all levels.

Since the age of paper records, processing of patient data has burdened health professionals and deprived them of their valuable time. Even with modern technologies, such as electronic healthcare records and app-tracking wearables, organizing patient data remains a time-consuming task.

Accelerating the pace of clinical trials is essential for faster approval of new therapies and their subsequent market availability. While safety and regulatory issues drive trends towards more extensive trials, the volume of records can overwhelm operating organizations.

Operating large multi-center trials is fraught with the challenges of organizing, storing, and maintaining a large volume of patient data. In fact, inadequate data sorting and presentation is a common issue, often leading to errors and unwanted delays. By keeping accurate, accessible, and streamlined patient records, we reduce medical errors to a minimum while maintaining a better overview of the situation.

Fortunately, our integrated EDC/CTMS system is structured to meet these challenges.

It keeps track of a multitude of patients receiving therapy while allowing collaborative monitoring and adjustments at the same time. Furthermore, its cutting-edge options assure that the whole process runs smoothly, thus creating more valuable patient time.

The state-of-the-art Electronic Data Capture (EDC) empowers instant creation of visit reports, while cloud-based data storage makes them accessible and reviewable in real-time. Moreover, the system allows simultaneous tracking of multiple trials by reviewing numerous data capture-forms on any device, in every browser. This approach automates and streamlines a researcher’s workflow while at the same time managing costs and making more time for proper patient care.

The patient calendar organizes visit frequency according to a trial setup, and authorized users can access the patient dashboard and track progression and adverse effects in real-time, regardless of the data volume.

Patient privacy and safety are of prime concern. Thus, we have introduced a role assignment system that grants permissions for viewing/editing/reviewing documents on a document by document type basis. This means that the whole process can be monitored from multiple directions, with authorized data extraction possible at any time.

We at niAnalytics believe in the accuracy of patient data and have applied our analytical expertise to ensure bias-free trial results. As such, multiple randomization types are included in the system, such as sample randomization which is often used with medical procedure trials, or random sorting which is popular with vaccine development.

Our system tracks more than just patient data. It is a comprehensive Clinical Data Management System that works on a global scale and organizes entire research processes. It is applicable to healthcare communities, including hospitals, healthcare providers, researchers, and public health agencies.

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